How to setup express keys on Windows?

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The first thing you need to do is open up your PenTablet Settings from your System Tray. 


If you don’t see the icon there after plugging in your tablet, try double clicking the PenTablet icon on your desktop first and then check the system tray again. Opening the PenTablet settings from the desktop will always automatically minimize it to the system tray.


This is what your PenTablet Settings will look like:


From here you can click on “Express Keys Settings” to customize your tablet’s keys.


This is what your Express Keys window looks like, here you can configure all the Express Keys and the Scroll Wheel (if your tablet has one). 


Depending on your tablet you will have more or less options here. Each selection represents an express key on your tablet. 


Once you click on the drop down list that belongs to the key you want to configure you will have 3 options to choose from.

Open Tablet Settings: This is for when you want to set a certain key to open the PenTablet Settings each time you press it. 

Run The Program: This is to set a key to open a certain program of you choosing when pressing it. 

Function Key: This is where you can program any special command or a combination of key commands like Ctrl + Z (Undo) for example.


Once you click on Function Key, you will see a window like this:

You options for configuration are as follows: 


Mouse Function: 

Under here you can configure you keys to execute mouse functions like Left Click and Right Click as well as Scroll Up and Scroll Down, No Action will disable that express key.



This is where you can configure your keys to perform multiple key commands for Windows. To do it, you will need to first click on the Modifier you want to use (Ctrl, Alt, Shift or Win) then tap on your keyboard the other key to complete the command.


Example: to create the “Undo” command, you will first have to click on Ctrl as the first modifier and then tap the Z key on your keyboard.


Under other you can configure certain keys to do special commands. 


Open Tablet Settings will open the Driver Settings every time you press that key. 

Switch Monitor will allow you to toggle cursor control between your main monitor and your tablet or toggle cursor control between multiple monitors if you are not using a graphics tablet.

Fine Detail Mode will lock in your whole tablet working area to a small area on your cursor’s location, this makes it easy in cases were you want to draw very meticulous art work. 

KL/KR Mode Switch, if you tablet has a scroll wheel, you have the option to program multiple commands on it this key will allow you to toggle between those configurations.

[B]/[E] will simulate pressing the keyboard keys B and E one after the other. On most art programs, B is for Brush and E is for Eraser, this function is to be able to toggle between those tools.

To configure the Scroll Wheel(s) (some tablets have 2 scroll wheels) you will need to click on the “Dial” tab.


For functions you will have: No Action which disables the scroll wheel. Scroll, which defaults the wheel to scrolling, and Keyboard which allows you to customize any letter or command on the wheel.


This is the window will see when you press Keyboard. Under Name you can name the command you’re about to program. KL stands for “knob left” or counter-clockwise, and KR stands for “knob right” or clockwise. To program the knobs you just need to click on either of their type bars and do the keyboard command, these could be single letters like Z or M or it can also be multiple key combinations like Ctrl + Z.


Example: With this configuration, if you turn the knob clockwise (right) an art program could switch into Pan Mode and if you turn the knob counter-clockwise (left) it could open the Zoom Tool. 


You can have multiple and different types of configurations on the Scroll Wheel. 


Setting an Express Key to KL/KR Mode Switch will allow you to toggle between all configurations you have created for the Scroll Wheel. 


Clicking Default will reset all express keys and scroll wheel configurations to factory defaults. 


Every time you press an express key, the command or command name will appear on the bottom part of your screen. Checking Hide Help will disable that notification. 



There is a way that you can have certain key commands for one program and different command keys for another without having to reconfigure your keys every time you switch between the apps. 

By clicking on the plus (+) sign you will be able to add a program. You can customize certain keys to do certain commands on one program and do different commands on a different program.


You will see this window after pressing the plus (+) sign button. Under this list you can pick the program you want to add to the PenTablet Settings. If you don’t see the program you want, you can click on Browse to manually add it. 


If you click on Browse you will see a Window like this, navigate to the .exe program you’d like to add and then click on Open


You can add as many programs as you like and customize different commands for both Express Keys and Scroll Wheel.


Back on the main PenTablet settings window you can customize the Pen Buttons but clicking on the drop down list of the desired button.The configuration of the Pen Buttons is the same as the Express Keys and Scroll Wheel.


You will have basic mouse functions, Run Program and Pen/Eraser toggle. The Pen/Eraser toggle may not work by default on some programs, so you will need to find out what is the key to toggle between erase and pen for that specific program and then customize it under Function Key.