Multifunctional Drawing Tablet Stand


The XP-Pen multifunctional metal stand is manufactured with 5052 aluminum alloy. It is mechanically polished, sand-blasted, and anodized to create a light, stable, durable, and portable stand.


Our stand can be adjusted from a 10° to 65° viewing angle in 1° increments. Avoid fatigue by adjusting your setup to suit your body’s needs.

Press and hold the switch to adjust the angle


No more slipping and sliding: Our stand is designed to stay put and allow you to work without interruption.

No-slip pad for the tablet

No-slip pad for the stand


Our multifunctional stand has been engineered to bear high amounts of weight and pressure. It is optimized for use with the Artist 10S, but is compatible with each of our products that does not feature a built-in stand.

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